Founded by Passion in 2013

Redefining Health was founded in March of 2013 by two very deeply rooted and passionate people who are on mission to see as many people as possible living life to it’s fullest. We are Henry and Stephanie Magno.

A Dynamic Husband & Wife Duo

Henry and Stephanie are a dynamic husband and wife team that believe in people and that there is good at the root of all people. We were built for good and at the core of each of us is a hungering desire to be in relationship with others without regard to social economical statuses, racial attributes, or any other backgrounds.

Redefining Health creates a warm and inviting, radical and scientifically-based source for health that gets to the roots of who we are as healthy and whole people.

As with many businesses Redefining Health was born out of Henry and Stephanie’s very own health journey. At the age of 25, chronic fatigue, bloating, IBS, depression, eczema, psoriasis, headaches, body aches, joint pain, adrenal fatigue and severe food intolerances stormed our home and nearly took our marriage. Twelve years later after learning the ropes in what it takes to give the body and soul the environment to heal both physically and relationally, Redefining Health was born. Setting up a platform to help others through their health journey seemed like a natural next step. We are loving every minute and are looking forward to journeying with you!

We are not promising perfect health, perfect bodies nor perfect lives. What we do offer is sound education, skill, and support to address the roots that need rebooting and restoration

Our philosophy is simple. We believe the body is built to heal.
Our work is to provide the environment for it to do so! 
  • We believe that loving people is the principle by which all of life flows, is sustained and designed to thrive. Therefore, you can rest assured Redefining Health is extremely YOU centered! YOU are the very reason we do what we do. 
  • We believe at the core of every human is actually good. It is this belief that gives us the great joy of journeying with you to break free from injury of body, spirit or soul in order to unveil that which is already so very good and healthy with in you.
  • We believe in sound, evidence-based medicine by way of clinical and research evidence. 
  • We believe if the body is cleansed appropriately and regularly to rid the enormous toxicity levels it encounters daily and then carefully nurtured, what needs to heal will heal.
  • We believe it is possible to bear the fruit of vibrant abundant health no matter your age! We are proud to be frontiers in redefining aging and wellness in the Portland metro area and beyond.