Core Restore Postpartum Foundations

An online, cutting edge exercise course specifically designed for ANY postpartum recovery – tough or easy. We can help. 

Say Yes to reclaiming your active life; fitter, stronger, fiercer!

Your body has gone through A LOT of changes through pregnancy, labor and delivery. Reconnect with your deepest core, heal diastasis, prolapse, incontinence, hernias, back pain, pelvic floor tears and get back to your favorite activities.


Start Day of Delivery

Why wait 6 weeks to begin healing? Begin safe restoration as early as day of delivery.


Diastasis Approved

Prevent or repair your abdominal wall with cutting edge foundational techniques.


Clincally Proven

Train using the same rehabilitation system used in Redefining Health's mobile clinic.


Designed by Professionals

Worried about safe recovery techniques. This course was designed by a mama and physical therapist with 15+ years of experience.


Accessible any time

Strategically designed for mamas and full schedules. Access anytime day or night. Effective workouts under 15 minutes.


Never too late to heal

Whether 1 day postpartum or 20 years. This course will help you reconnect your inner core in a way you've never known before.

What's Included in My Training System?

Whats included in my training system 3

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What clients say?

Core Restore Postpartum Foundations is hands down the best pregnancy recovery course I have seen on the market. 

"I love how foundational, yet challenging and effective this course is. In 7 easy weeks I restored my core. It's AMAZING. Not only that but, I'm a busy mama of three and needed something I could easily integrate into my life. This course is it!"
Carol H.
naturopathic doctor
"I'm amazed by Stephanie's knowledge, she knows so much about health and wellness. Without her help I wouldn't have had such good recovery from childbirth and I've had two other pregnancies to compare with!"
Robin M.
mother of four
"I had a complicated first birth resulting in a c-section. I was able to fit into my jeans much faster after birthing and no ‘pudgy’ post mommy tummy, which usually gets worse on the second birth!"
Margie N.
Occupational therapist

What You'll Learn




Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Core Restore Postpartum Foundations for?

Mamas at any stage postpartum; one day or 20 years. You can restore your inner core no matter how long ago you’ve had your babies. 

How do I know if these exercises are safe for me while I'm pregnant?

While most of these exercises are safe with pregnancy, this course is specifically designed for the postpartum mama. If you are pregnant please see our Fierce Bump course specifically designed for pregnancy and your stage of trimester.

How is the course formatted?

Each week has a discover (education) section, an exercise and action (teaching/demo) section and a let’s restore (flow through exercise video). You will simply follow your course outline that will be on the left of your screen. 

Is this course easy to use?

Yes! Very easy to use. Just follow your course outline for each week  which will display on the left of your screen once inside the course. Each exercise you need for the week is individually displayed so you can easily go back to watch again if needed. 

Do I need equipment to do the exercises in this course?

You will need a few items like 2 firm pillows, a small ball or tightly rolled blanket and a chair. And that’s it. 

Is it possible to correct a diastasis recti (abdominal separation) using this training system alone?

Absolutley. In this course you will discover the exact same revolutionary system we use in our mobile clinic. We have yet to have a mama that has not recovered from a diastasis. 

Is this course still beneficial if I am over a year postpartum and just now found out about it?

Yes! One, five, ten, fifteen years. It doesn’t matter. You can restore your inner core no matter how long ago it’s been since you had your babies. 

When is the best time to start this course?

This course is designed to start as early as day of delivery. Activities and exercises to start depend on the level of injury incurred, if any. We highly recommend purchasing this course 4 or more weeks prior to your due date if possible. You will want to view the welcome, introduction and prior to week 1 sections of the course so you are prepared to begin your healing as soon as day of delivery. 


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Build Strength and Confidence. Rebuild Your Core Postpartum.

Our Promise to You...

LOVE it in 7 Days or Your Money Back!

This product was born out of a deep heart to help mamas who are beyond our clinical reach to FULLY recover from the intensities of pregnancy and birth. Because of the years of detail, extensive thought and clinically sourced tools put into it we are quite confident your are going to love it. However, if for any reason you don’t, simply email us with in 7 days from your date of purchase, at info@redefininghealth.com and we’ll give you your money back.

TRY CORE RESTORE POSTPARTUM FOUNDATIONS RISK-REE FOR 7 DAYS. If you’re not tickled pink with the value you’re getting for your investment, we’ll happily return your payment, no questions asked.

NOTE: No refunds will be given for mistaking this product for a hard copy. This is a digital, electronic learning course available on your phone, computer, tablet, or laptop.

All refunds are subject to Redefining Health’s refund policy.

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