Core Restore

What Is Core Restore?

‘CORE RESTORE’ is a very intentional, systematic, clinically proven approach to train, heal, build and repair the abdominal wall. Many are walking around with damaged, deflated or unengaged cores and don’t even know it. Many don’t realize crunches not only don’t work BUT actually damage the core! Pilates 100’s, v-sits are included in this category. Planks and hands and knees exercises can be damaging as well depending if you have a diastasis recti already.

What People are Saying about ‘CORE RESTORE’…
The following comments from clients that were only part way through the program!
“This program is really deceptive with how easy it is, yet how effective!” – T.S. ” IBS pain, occasional nausea, stomach pain and constipation much less on all counts” – T.S.

” Within the first week I noticed a change in bowel movements and abdominal strength!” – A.G.

“Pain in lower back has improved. Stomach has decreased and core is stronger” – I.V.

“Starting to see my belly slim down. Little to no back pain!”- F.B.

Are you ready to STOP suffering with Back Pain or a Pudgy Tummy? 
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