Meet The Team

Henry Magno

Operations and media

Stephanie Magno

Physical Therapist

Henry studied at California State University to obtain his bachelors in Biology and has a background in Naturopathic studies at National University of Naturopathic Medicine (Formerly NCNM).

Henry is a natural discoverer and a can-do guy. He is Redefining Health’s creationist department; photography, videography, specialty food recipes and herbal remedies! In addition, Henry is also an advocate and a friend. He is the perfect solution to come along side those who don’t fit in the traditional health care box. In his life experience Henry has found that there is always a solution to every obstacle, you just have to be willing to put the effort into discovering it.

With his vast experience Henry has found that prevention is a primary key to long term health and healing. As with Stephanie, Henry has also experienced the pits of ill health and has successfully overcome a myriad of obstacles.

Stephanie received her master’s college degree in physical therapy from Loma Linda University Medical Center in 2003. She believes in a holistic approach to rehab realizing that it’s more than the skilled therapy intervention that will contribute to your success with rehab, it’s your entire experience from start to finish.

Her passion is for getting to the root of pain and dysfunction. Specific interventions she has found to be successful are manual therapy techniques including visceral manipulation and exercise prescription geared for sustainable home use.

Stephanie has always had a passion for wellness and prevention and has finally been able to integrate it through the platform of Redefining Health. She has been in the pits of ill health herself and successfully overcome a miriad of obstacles in her journey. Coupled with her experience in the field of Physical Therapy, she is well equipped to come along side and coach you through life’s wellness hurdles and into abundant health!