Patient Testimonials

  • I had a complicated first birth resulting in a c-section. I was four months pregnant on my second pregnancy when I came to Redefining Health with low back pain. I had a 3,4,3 (top, middle, bottom) finger diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation). I was able to close my diastasis with Redefining Health’s program to 1 finger width by 9 months. This allowed me to enjoy the second half of pregnancy with minimal low back pain and afforded me the confidence and ability for a vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC). In addition I was able to fit into my jeans much faster after birthing and no ‘pudgy’ post mommy tummy, which usually gets worse on the second birth!

    Margie N.

  • Stephanie from Redefining Health has taught me so much about my pregnant and postpartum body. My first two pregnancies I suffered from severe pelvic floor issues and the PT I had didn’t resolve it. In fact, I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t be active at all.

    I was about ten weeks pregnant when I first met Stephanie and with her help I stayed active during the entire pregnancy and recovered very well from childbirth.

    She learned me to understand my body better. What are the signs when I overdo? What are good ways to rest? Stephanie helped me figure out in every stage of pregnancy/postpartum what I could do and shouldn’t do, and how.

    The exercises she thought me to do at home were easy, doable and always helpful. Even during labor I used the breathing techniques she taught me. Other PT gave me standard exercises but Stephanie really looks at what your body needs right now and we always try them first to see if they’re helpful and if I got them right. By the end of our appts I always feel better than before and feel confident and motivated about the exercises I have to do for homework.

    The fact that she comes to your house is a great plus for me, as stay at home mom with little ones that aren’t in school yet. We try to schedule appointments during nap-time but if one of the kids wakes up or needs me, she’s always very relaxed and creative. Like working on my neck while I was feeding a child, or working on my pelvic floor when I was laying on the therapy table with a newborn on my chest.

    I’m amazed by Stephanie’s knowledge, she knows so much about health and wellness. She’s my go to for every question I have about healthy food, vitamins and minerals, herbs, books or websites about mental and physical health.

    Stephanie’s thorough, knowledgeable and an overall amazing person. She makes me feel comfortable, while making sure she educates me as best she can! She has so much passion for what she does.

    Without her help I wouldn’t have had such good pregnancies (active, minimal discomfort), recovery from childbirth and general health/wellness. I’m forever thankful and would highly recommend her to anyone, especially moms and moms to be!!

    Robin M.

  • RDH has changed my life:  To me a great practitioner is one who is abundant in knowledge and understanding, but skilled in compassion and empathy.  Stephanie is one of those practitioners! 

    I have had chronic musculoskeletal misalignment problems from birth which I never knew could contribute to digestive, nervous system, and circulation issues.  Stephanie not only identified these complications, but has also used visceral manipulation to correct multiple stuck organs which brought instant and sustained relief from neck pain, intra-thoracic pressure, and bloating.  I have left multiple appointments feeling 100% better than when I arrived.  

    There are three parts to each visit and Stephanie does not lack in any (see below):

    Evaluation:  Stephanie is a gifted listener and will take any ?laymen? description of pain or discomfort seriously without judgment (I have given very odd descriptions of what I feel like).   Her calm and attentive demeanor invites openness and vulnerability which starts the healing process before even getting on the table.

    Diagnostic:  I find Stephanie to be exceptionally ?in tune? with the human body.  She is skilled in checking and rechecking alignment in standing, sitting, or laying positions to make sure a dysfunction is corrected.  Her general ?listening? to the body is extremely accurate and has identified internal issues I could feel, but couldn?t describe.

    Treatment:  Stephanie has a very gentle approach to treatment, but the amazing thing is that it is very effective.  I have been seen by multiple Chiropractors, ND?s, PT?s, and massage therapists.  Stephanie stands out as one of the most balanced practitioners to me by her broad understanding of how the smallest immobility or motility can disrupt the entire harmony of the body.

    I have referred several people to RDH and Stephanie specifically as a leader on the cutting edge of whole body wellness!

    Clayton H.

  • Redefining Health changed my life.  I use their full body detox program on a regular basis and it’s kept me feeling healthy and happy.  Stephanie and Henry are a pleasure to work with.

    David S.

  • Physical Therapy with Stephanie at Redefining Health has made a real difference in my life. I walk much better, balance better and have a stronger core. I would recommend her without reservation. I have been to many therapists in my life and have never encountered one with such detail and effective treatment.


  • “15 years ago, I injured what I thought was my piriformis while running. Although I continued running, every run hurt. Eventually I had chronic pain even when I wasn?t running. Over time I was running less and less, putting on weight.

    After spending 3 months with Stephanie, I learned, sit ups weren?t necessarily my friend, nor did I have to make a choice between living with chronic pain or never running again.

    I had a thorough examination with a Doctor of Osteopath who diagnosed my pain as severe degenerative disc disease. The DO encouraged physical therapy. I knew just whom I wanted to oversee my PT treatments Stephanie Magno. Between her manipulations and assigned exercises, I learned how to retrain my core to a point that it supported my back, and all without a single sit up. Over the course of my treatment, my pain was diminished. Today I am back running pain free, although perhaps not marathons yet, but I will take the 5k and 10k pain free!

    Thank you Stephanie!”


  • How I broke free from 3 YEARS of Jaw Pain/Back Pain!

    ?I haven’t felt this great since 2012 all thanks to the wonderful and helpful Stephanie at Redefining Health.

    The whole story: For the past 3 years, I have been experiencing a lot of pain and swelling in my face and jaw area. I was spending lots of time off work, spending money on copayments and prescription pill bottles for infections and pain medications that my doctor thought I was having. Finally, after seeing a dentist (who found a tooth infection) and getting a re-treatment on a root canal, I thought I would start feeling better?wrong! I continued to have pain in my jaw and tooth. I saw a specialist about possible issues with my tonsils and he ruled that I had TMJ. That same week, I began to experience pain in my upper left back and thought “oh no! Not something serious with my liver!!” as I had multiple rounds of antibiotics and blood work in the past showed slightly elevated liver enzymes. I saw my doctor about a week later and the pain continued in my jaw and my back. To my surprise, she thought it was muscle strains pain and slapped on my palm yet ANOTHER prescription of pain medication and a muscle relaxer. That was it for me. I wanted to cry (I think I actually did!). I knew medication was covering an underlying problem. I was determined to figure out what was the actual problem, not just treat the symptoms. I decided to see Stephanie who I felt I could trust with this emotionally exhausting roller coaster jaw pain and now back pain, as the one specialist I saw said I had TMJ. I asked Stephanie if she can help with my “TMJ”. I will never forget her kind words- “Yes, I can help with TMJ, but we have to be careful because it could be pseudo TMJ”. Meaning my real problem could be something completely different!! I was ready and determined to do whatever treatment I needed to do to get better and have my life back. When I met with Stephanie, I felt a sense of hope and relaxed as she patiently listened to my whole ordeal from the beginning. She assessed me and did her wonderful work on me for an entire hour! After consulting with her about my course of treatment, I felt a sense of relief and finally got an answer to my jaw problem! Guess when your hips are not aligned combined with lots of stress, and some of my organs not functioning as well as they could be, my body was not in its best shape. The result: pain. That’s all I wanted?.To get rid of the pain. After my first visit with Stephanie, I have yet to feel the pain in my jaw! Haven’t had any issues since! I haven’t been this happy and I feel like I am in control of my health. There are a few things that I am still working on with Stephanie like managing my stress better, changing my diet a bit, getting regular exercise and changing some techniques with my body to help support long lasting health. Since 2012, I haven’t felt this great all thanks to the wonderful and helpful Stephanie at Redefining Health.


  • I came to see Stephanie after suffering for many years with chronic back pain. Stephanie was very thorough in her evaluation of my history and previous treatments that I had tried and failed. When she initiated a treatment program on me she was the first therapist I have ever seen that actually didn’t make me hurt worse! Not only was the therapy I received in the office helpful, but the home exercise program she gave me was the exact tool I needed to continue to control my pain independently. I have almost no pain now and when I do I am able to do my exercise program and achieve relief right away.

    Trisha W.

  • Before meeting Stephanie, I had chronic pain in my lower back and tailbone. I spent many nights unable to sleep due to the pain and each day was a struggle because I was constantly hurting. My doctor suggested I go see a physical therapist so I got in touch with Stephanie. I was really nervous to see a physical therapist, but the moment I walked into her room I felt relaxed and at ease. Stephanie listened to me explain every ache and pain and due to her great knowledge about the human body, she was able to easily pin point the areas of my body that needed adjusting. She discovered my hips were off and that I had a twisted pelvis. Stephanie met with me one time a week for about eight weeks. She would gentle adjust my body and then give me realistic and simple exercises to help me strengthen my body and keep it aligned. She did not bombard me with extreme and difficult exercises. What she gave me to do was reasonable with my busy schedule. Each week I felt less and less pain and now I can go about my day without issues and I sleep well at nights. Working with Stephanie was pleasant and the fact that she has so much experience and knowledge in her field helped tremendously with the healing process. I believe she truly desires to help people heal and restore their body back to optimal health which is why I will continue to go to Stephanie in the future and recommend her to others for healing.

    Jennifer S.