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We are Stephanie and Henry Magno, Redefining Health, a local physical therapy and wellness practice in Portland Oregon as well as an online educational and apothecary center with one heart and mission in mind; to help as many individuals as possible discover and live out the radiant health we are designed to operate in. 

This particular page is all about HOW Redefining Health helps mama’s be the strongest and most confident possible for one of the most miraculous components of life; nurturing and birthing a human. If you are interested in preparing for pregnancy, birthing and postpartum recovery in a way that significantly reduces your risks for pregnancy related injuries and even having to use pain medication for birthing then you are in the right place. Read on and give us a call to see if The Radiant Bump Way is right for you.

Areas We Can Help With...

Aligning the Birth Canal
Effective Pushing for Birth
Low Back Pain
Neck and Shoulder Pain
Mild Abdominal Hernias
Reducing Birthing Complications
Sacroiliac Pain
and more!

The fact is you deserve to have a joyous inner strength, feel beautiful, full of wisdom and confident no matter the stage you are in. Pre, during, or after your pregnancy.

It appears to be the case that...

In our clinical findings and testimonials of women that have been treated at our clinic or taken the online course, abdominal separation also known as diastasis recti is reversible and remarkable results are attainable during pregnancy and anytime after pregnancy. Yes. You can heal a diastasis even if your kiddos are 40!

Case Study # 1

30 y/o Mama who wants to get back to running as quickly as possible

ipad mamma wants to run copy

Case Study # 2

ipad mamma with 3rd child

34 y/o Mama 22 weeks pregnant with her 3rd baby

Case Study # 3

34 y/o Mama 30 weeks pregnant with her first child

Case Study mamma with 1st child

Expedite postnatal recovery and head off back pain, hip pain, incontinence, constipation and prolapse before they start.

What People Are Saying

I had a complicated first birth resulting in a c-section. I was four months pregnant on my second pregnancy when I came to Redefining Health with low back pain. I had a 3,4,3 (top, middle, bottom) finger diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation). I was able to close my diastasis with Redefining Health's program to 1 finger width by 9 months. This allowed me to enjoy the second half of pregnancy with minimal low back pain and afforded me the confidence and ability for a vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC). In addition I was able to fit into my jeans much faster after birthing and no 'pudgy' post mommy tummy, which usually gets worse on the second birth!
Margie N.
25 y/o Mama of 2

DIY or In Person

Boutique Mobile Physical Therapy for Moms in the Portland, Oregon metro area. We come to you at the comfort of your own home and provide first class Physical Therapy to help you in your journey pre-pregnancy, pregnancy or postpartum recovery.


We are very pleased to now offer our same first class service via detailed, step by step online video tutorials!

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