Sugar & Physical Activity Tracker



Millions of people suffer from type II diabetes and obesity. What most people don?t realize is that both are an acquired medical condition, meaning they are not the identity of who we are, therefore they do not need to belong to us and are reversible in nature.

Diabetes and obesity are two forms of dis-ease that hit close to home for us. Not only do we both have a family history but a few years back, diabetes and obesity took a step closer knocking on our door in the form of stubborn gut fat and pre-diabetes. This is when we woke up to the fact we needed to start taking responsibility of our own actions and prevent further damage to our bodies.

We could have just reduced our calorie intake like most suggest, but we knew there was something more in store for us. We needed to understand what was behind these issues and what to do about it. If we had to boil it down; mindset, food and physical activity were the key areas we needed to hit. We were exercising but not consistently. We were also eating out more due to new careers which led to a significant increase in added sugar consumption. As you can see, we had enough knowledge to know we needed to start with our food but in order to break through the sugar addiction and increase consistency with our physical activity we needed to know why we were stuck, what mindsets we needed to overcome and how to integrate healthier habits into our life. And that is how the Sugar and Physical Activity Tracker came about.

We are confident that the Sugar & Physical Activity Tracker will provide you with the essential tools needed to begin to keep track of any added sugar consumption and to increase your physical activity. The tracker is designed to keep track of one aspect of your health, but the methods you will learn can be used to meet other areas of your wellness goals as well. You will gain necessary organization, and it will act as a catalyst to help integrate your ideas, goals, habits, and values to become part of your lifestyle choices. Make your someday today, break up with sugar, go steady with physical activity and join us in vibrant health!



  • Introduction
  • Before and After
  • Wellness Desires – Goals
  • Wellness Map Example
  • Wellness Map Template
  • Defining your why
  • Defining Inspirations/Motivations
  • Nutritional Facts Chart 1
  • Nutritional Facts Chart 2
  • Sugar Tracking Log Example
  • Sugar Tracking Log Breakfast
  • Sugar Tracking Log Lunch
  • Sugar Tracking Log Dinner
  • Sugar Tracking Log Snacks
  • Healthy Habits Reward System Example
  • Healthy Habits Reward System Table
  • Physical Activity Identifier (Part 1)
  • Physical Activity Identifier (Part 2)
  • Physical Activity Identifier (Part 3)
  • Physical Activity Identifier (Part 4)
  • Physical Activity Identifier (Part 5)
  • Physical Activity Schedule (Part 1)
  • Physical Activity Schedule (Part 2)