Sweet Home Tropical Smoothie

January 3rd, 2018
Sweet Home Tropical Smoothie


  • ? ripe papaya about 1 cup
  • 4-inch size Organic cucumber (peeled and seeds removed-optional)
  • 1-1/4 cup Coconut water
  • 3-4 pieces cubed ice (optional)
  • 2 Tablespoon of Organic Oats
  • ? cup Macadamia nuts


Serving size 1
Utilizing a very powerful blender is key to having a smoothed beverage unless you like your drink a bit gritty with chunks. I have experienced both a Blendtech and Vitamix blenders and they are great for creating a soft smooth texture.

Ripe papayas on the outside are yellow and orange in color. I have used green papayas before but only in stews and broths. The interior color will look orange to red when ripe. Consumption of raw papaya seeds is toxic and creates a bitter tone of flavor. Companies have extracted papaya seeds for purpose of digestive enzymes however, we won?t be using the seeds in this recipe. Discard the seeds. Scrape out all the flesh from the papaya with a spoon and discard the skin.

Organic cucumbers are one of my favorite snacks however I have a particular way of eating them. I like them peeled and scraped off all the seeds. It is an option to utilize the whole vegetable but I have excluded the peel and seeds from this recipe.

Coconut water can be obtained from a fresh coconut however another alternative is to purchase organic coconut water from a bottle. Macadamia nuts in this recipe were roasted and salted but having them raw is healthier. I will have them both ways. When using raw macadamia nut you can add a pinch of salt as an option if preferred.

Oatmeal is great cooked as well as eaten raw. It all depends on what dishes are prepared with it. Raw oatmeal macerated and pulverized to smooth in a blender will help the body to digest raw grains better.

Combine all ingredients together in the blender and blend for 30-50 seconds or until smooth. Add more coconut water for a thinner medium. Please comment below.

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