September 6th, 2019

How I broke free from 3 YEARS of Jaw Pain/Back Pain!

?I haven’t felt this great since 2012 all thanks to the wonderful and helpful Stephanie at Redefining Health.

The whole story: For the past 3 years, I have been experiencing a lot of pain and swelling in my face and jaw area. I was spending lots of time off work, spending money on copayments and prescription pill bottles for infections and pain medications that my doctor thought I was having. Finally, after seeing a dentist (who found a tooth infection) and getting a re-treatment on a root canal, I thought I would start feeling better?wrong! I continued to have pain in my jaw and tooth. I saw a specialist about possible issues with my tonsils and he ruled that I had TMJ. That same week, I began to experience pain in my upper left back and thought “oh no! Not something serious with my liver!!” as I had multiple rounds of antibiotics and blood work in the past showed slightly elevated liver enzymes. I saw my doctor about a week later and the pain continued in my jaw and my back. To my surprise, she thought it was muscle strains pain and slapped on my palm yet ANOTHER prescription of pain medication and a muscle relaxer. That was it for me. I wanted to cry (I think I actually did!). I knew medication was covering an underlying problem. I was determined to figure out what was the actual problem, not just treat the symptoms. I decided to see Stephanie who I felt I could trust with this emotionally exhausting roller coaster jaw pain and now back pain, as the one specialist I saw said I had TMJ. I asked Stephanie if she can help with my “TMJ”. I will never forget her kind words- “Yes, I can help with TMJ, but we have to be careful because it could be pseudo TMJ”. Meaning my real problem could be something completely different!! I was ready and determined to do whatever treatment I needed to do to get better and have my life back. When I met with Stephanie, I felt a sense of hope and relaxed as she patiently listened to my whole ordeal from the beginning. She assessed me and did her wonderful work on me for an entire hour! After consulting with her about my course of treatment, I felt a sense of relief and finally got an answer to my jaw problem! Guess when your hips are not aligned combined with lots of stress, and some of my organs not functioning as well as they could be, my body was not in its best shape. The result: pain. That’s all I wanted?.To get rid of the pain. After my first visit with Stephanie, I have yet to feel the pain in my jaw! Haven’t had any issues since! I haven’t been this happy and I feel like I am in control of my health. There are a few things that I am still working on with Stephanie like managing my stress better, changing my diet a bit, getting regular exercise and changing some techniques with my body to help support long lasting health. Since 2012, I haven’t felt this great all thanks to the wonderful and helpful Stephanie at Redefining Health.