Jennifer S.

September 6th, 2019

Before meeting Stephanie, I had chronic pain in my lower back and tailbone. I spent many nights unable to sleep due to the pain and each day was a struggle because I was constantly hurting. My doctor suggested I go see a physical therapist so I got in touch with Stephanie. I was really nervous to see a physical therapist, but the moment I walked into her room I felt relaxed and at ease. Stephanie listened to me explain every ache and pain and due to her great knowledge about the human body, she was able to easily pin point the areas of my body that needed adjusting. She discovered my hips were off and that I had a twisted pelvis. Stephanie met with me one time a week for about eight weeks. She would gentle adjust my body and then give me realistic and simple exercises to help me strengthen my body and keep it aligned. She did not bombard me with extreme and difficult exercises. What she gave me to do was reasonable with my busy schedule. Each week I felt less and less pain and now I can go about my day without issues and I sleep well at nights. Working with Stephanie was pleasant and the fact that she has so much experience and knowledge in her field helped tremendously with the healing process. I believe she truly desires to help people heal and restore their body back to optimal health which is why I will continue to go to Stephanie in the future and recommend her to others for healing.