September 6th, 2019

“15 years ago, I injured what I thought was my piriformis while running. Although I continued running, every run hurt. Eventually I had chronic pain even when I wasn?t running. Over time I was running less and less, putting on weight.

After spending 3 months with Stephanie, I learned, sit ups weren?t necessarily my friend, nor did I have to make a choice between living with chronic pain or never running again.

I had a thorough examination with a Doctor of Osteopath who diagnosed my pain as severe degenerative disc disease. The DO encouraged physical therapy. I knew just whom I wanted to oversee my PT treatments Stephanie Magno. Between her manipulations and assigned exercises, I learned how to retrain my core to a point that it supported my back, and all without a single sit up. Over the course of my treatment, my pain was diminished. Today I am back running pain free, although perhaps not marathons yet, but I will take the 5k and 10k pain free!

Thank you Stephanie!”