What is Visceral Manipulation?

Visceral manipulation is a very gentle and specialized form of manual therapy that addresses the mobility and motility of your organ systems and thereby impacting every cell, muscle and bone in your body.


How does it benefit you? 
Visceral manipulation has a myriad of benefits. First and foremost it has a general wellness effect to the entire body. When an organ is ‘stuck’, not moving well or has poor motility, it is then not able to do it’s job efficiently. Simply restoring mobility and/or motility to the organ will allow it to work with less effort and more capacity to provide the filtering and body processes necessary for a vibrant, healthy life. Secondly, visceral manipulation is directly related to the health of your muscles, their ability to contract properly and the alignment of your bones. These two factors are primarily what impacts pain issues in the body from a mechanical point of view. From a nutritional and inside out point of view, visceral manipulation benefits the body through a cascade of effects.


Do you have chronic inflammation, arthritis, or food allergies?

70% of the immune system lives in your intestinal tract. If your intestinal tract is not moving properly than it will not be functioning optimally and thereby all that is related to it like the immune system and nutrition absorption will be compromised. Simply getting this mobile again can impact a whole host of things throughout the body.
is the ability of each organ to move about in the designated range it is meant to move within the body. In other words its the movement of an organ in relation to the connective tissue and “neighbors” around it.

Every organ is suspended in the body with ligaments and connective tissue. It also has a space it is meant to move in. If that space becomes restricted or any part of the connective tissue becomes compromised that organ will not be able to move like it is supposed to.

Why does this matter? If you can imagine taking your right hand and gripping the lower right portion of your clothing around the belt line; you will notice there are lines of tension running up to the left corner toward your shoulder. This is what happens on the inside of you.
Example: If your liver is not able to move like it is supposed to then you can end up with shoulder pain due to the lines of tension running through the connective tissue system in your body. You can have rib pain as well and the list goes on. Nearly 80% of all musculoskeletal issues in the body are actually coming from your organ system and it’s ability to slide and glide the way it is supposed to.


is the inherent cellular flow with in each organ itself. Every organ has a specific pattern of cellular motion with in it kind of like the tide of an ocean. Organs are fluid and very viscous in nature and so must be treated accordingly.

A practitioner trained in visceral manipulation can tell the overall health of an organ or how hard it is working by the nature of the cellular flow with in it, it’s motility.

If the motility of an organ is not optimal than the organ itself will not be able to function at optimal level and do the work it is built to do for your body.
                                             So, why is this important to our work?

Visceral manipulation is critical to the work we do because it gets to the roots of issues. As a physical therapist of 12 years it has been so painful to tell clients they just have to ‘live with’ the 20% pain we were not able to address. After learning about this technique a few years into my practice, I have no longer had to tell clients they have to ‘live’ with pain. 
Plain and simple – visceral gets to the roots.

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